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Bikes. Beer. Coffee. Not Necessarily In That Order.


Doughnut-making classes. Live music. Group rides. Hair braiding relay races. Cycling Race TV Watching. Goldsprints. Ride clinics.

Some things we schedule, some things just happen. For the former, check our calendar. For the latter, just don't be a stranger.

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The best days end too early.


And while there isn’t always time for another loop in Annadel, there’s usually a few minutes for friends to share a drink.

We wanted those minutes to have a home, so we built Santa Rosa’s most bike-friendly ale house and cafe at the foot of Northern California’s preeminent singletrack treasure horde.

Whether you come on two wheels or two feet, the feeling’s the same: sit back, put up those tired dogs, and skip the coasters.

Welcome home to The Trail House.