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Bikes. Beer. Coffee. Not Necessarily In That Order.

Make our House your home.


We're no strangers to Sonoma County. We've combed its front country and its tucked-back corners since we were kids, most often on two wheels. 

We came to love our home and the community that filled it in ways we never thought possible. But, outside of the bike saddle, we could never find a hook on which to hang that affection. 

No more. Now that camaraderie/filial piety/romance/whatever that we found on two wheels has a place to live, grow, and be shared.

We call it TrailHouse.


Even before Trail House, the old Richfield gas station provided fuel for the ride.
We like our own personal internal combustion way more.


Heads of House 

Glenn Fant? He's the quiet one.

He won't tell you about his time on the pro circuit. He won't tell you about ripping sick Backside Smith Grinds at the local skate park. He won't tell you he owns NorCal Bike Sport and The Bike Peddler.

He might tell you about his kids, though

Most of us have spent too much time chasing these guys. Probably nice to have them pour us a beer for a change.